Frequently Asked Questions


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What kinds of clothing can be tie dyed?

Clothing must be between 50% and 100% natural fibers. That means a majority of cotton, silk, linen, wool, rayon or hemp. 100% natural fibers is best. A combination is usually OK. 100% Synthetic fabrics will not dye. Period. That means NO acrylic, polyester, spandex, nylon, or any material you cannot identify. 

For example, a shirt made of 100% cotton is great for tie dye. Absolutely perfect. A shirt made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester is good for tie dye. A shirt made of 60%acrylic, 23% rabbit wool and 10% spandex and 7% other is not great for tie dye - and honestly, probably not super comfortable.

White or off white clothes are best. Light colored clothing is great. Bright colors and dark denim will hold dye, but the colors will not be true to form (ie. Bright yellow dye on hot pink fabric will not look bright yellow. It will look muted.) Black and brown will NOT dye UNLESS bleached first to a lighter shade. 


What kind of dyes do you use?

I use Procion MX Cold Water Reactive dyes. Combined with soda ash, a color fixative, the dyes hold fast to your colors and become permanent.

These are the best types of dyes for tie dye. They're vibrant, consistent, and do not run. They can be found at any craft store, as they are the standard for tie dye.

Can I wash my tie dye with other clothes?

Yes you can! It's totally safe. All StuyDYED products are washed TWICE before being sent off. No need to wash alone. They are ready to wear and should be washed with darks or colors. Clothing is best washed on warm or cold, or according to the care instructions on the label.

To make sure that colors do not run, do not bleach tie dye. 

*Please note!* Care instructions may be difficult to read after getting tie dyed, as the labels can change color during the process.