StuyDYED began on a rooftop in Bed Stuy as the result of one Brooklyn lady getting crafty in the summertime. Working in food service meant Nadia was no stranger to losing clothes to spilled coffee and exploding pens. Tie dye was a way to refresh those clothes so she could still wear them out. But then she kept going and the dyeing became more than just a fate for tired work clothes. Now, she dyes all clothes, new and old, for work or for play. For Nadia, tie dye is a way to uphold her values of living a life with low environmental impact, by reusing and repurposing clothes, as well as a way to express her personality and artistic side in a small way every day.

Tie dye is best when it's shared and when you're having fun. So, Nadia founded StuyDYED to share her love of tie dye with the world - starting with Brooklyn.